Room 502

An episode of the Sci-Fi Channel television show Ghost Hunters featured the cast's investigation of Waverly Hills, including a local myth about the death of a nurse by murder or suicide in Room 502. Legend says the nurse found out she was pregnant without being married, so she hung herself in the room she was in at the time. The room was also investigated by the show Ghost Adventures in 2010, in which they used a special device called a REM-Pod to detect spirit activity.

Death rate

Some urban legends claim that "63,000 deaths" occurred at the Sanatorium. According to Assistant Medical Director Dr. J. Frank W. Stewart, the highest number of deaths in a single year at Waverly Hills was 152. Stewart wrote that the worst time for deaths was at the end of the Second World War when troops were returning from overseas with very advanced tuberculosis cases. Some independent researchers suggest that since 162 people died at Waverly Hills in 1945, the highest total number of deaths possible over 50 years was approximately 8,212. (Source:  Wiki)

The private ghost hunt turned out to be an interesting experience.  While we were able to debunk a couple of mysterious events, we were not able to explain off other things as easily.  We were able to determine that a bat was keeping us company on the 3rd floor and was probably responsible for a fly-by which shook up one of the investigators. 

There were, however, events that occured that we have not been able to debunk.  The first was on the ground floor; lobby.  Team members detected a breeze coming from nowhere and was isolated to a single point in the middle of the floor.  There was no wind outside, let alone a breeze.  No open windows. nearby.  Everything was as still as a photograph.  The scent of soap was present; a kind of soap which may have been used for laundry, but only in a certain spot and was centered on the area where the breeze was present.  No air fresheners and no evidence of anything spilled on the floor.  The kind of gentle, reassuring soapy clean smell coming from nowhere.  Our legs felt a tingling sensation on this spot as well.  It was in this room where the strangest event took place. 

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