Waverly Hills. . . .

This location is the one I pick to visit every year until I join the spirit world.  When I say that things start happening 10 minutes after entering the building, I'm not exaggerating.  Each and every time, the experience is different.  This time, WHS seemed creepier than ever.  The shadows were deeper and the colors blended like a macabre watercolor painting. 

The experience this time was more audible with EVPs, conversations in the distance, and hard soled footsteps coming down the hall.

We approached the main lobby on the 1st floor to hear what we believed was a conversation between and man and a woman.  The voices were distant, but could be heard.  They seemed to originate down a hallway to our left.  For 20 minutes, the conversation continued with the male voice more dominant, rising and falling as we strained to listen and decipher what it was saying. 

The problem was, there was no hallway to the left.  Just a solid wall.  There was no way the voices could have come from outside as the only people on the property were our team, and Tina Mattingly, who was keeping watch in the laundry building. 

We listened on.  I eventually stood up and approached the stairway leading to the floors above, listening intently.  I stayed quiet and shined my mini-mag straight up through the center of the stairway rails.  Taking out my point and shoot, I took a couple of photos.  It was then when my team thought they heard me say, "What the. . . ", and a couple minutes later, "I see it".  I hadn't said a word. 

Brian and Lori captured a great EVP.  Kinda creepy considering what it said. 

While alone on the 3rd floor, I heard what sounded like hard soled shoes approaching.  There were 3-4 steps, then nothing.  I checked the hallway and adjoining rooms and there was no one present. 

I have to admit the investigation was a challenge as the rain was creating dripping sounds coming from almost anywhere.  It took a little while to separate the drops from the other sounds we were hearing. 

We still have a lot of audio/video to review, but I expect we'll have much more to offer.  Meanwhile, enjoy the great capture.
Click on the image to view the video. . . .
Click on the image to view the video. . . .
I did capture something strange.  I'm not really sure what it was, but it appeared to be looking through the rails on the 3rd floor down at me.  There were glowing white eyes and what appeared to be a head.  The anomaly didn't appear on all of the photos, just the one.

I took this photo at the same time my team thought they heard me say, "What the. . . ", and "I see it".

Tell me what you think.
[Click on the photos to enlarge]
Here's an anomaly captured by Jody on the 2nd floor.

There also appears to be other things going on in this photo.

I've cropped to the other anomaly - what seems to be a 2nd string of light.  In addition, there's also what appears to be a face of some kind low in the doorway below the red Exit sign.

Hard to tell exactly what it is, but it's obvious in the doorway.
Here's a shadow figure at the end of the hall.  To the right, it's cropped and B&W.  It appears to be someone in a long dress, perhaps something worn by the nurses of the time. 
Here is the original photo.