Waverly Hills Sanatorium: Investigation 2016
NightShade Paranormal Core Team: [from Left - Clair Mark Cordes, Brian Miller, Lori Miller]
NightShade Paranormal Core Team: [from Left - Clair Mark Cordes, Brian Miller, Lori Miller]
Photo Gallery: Main building from 1st to 5th
This was my second overnight visit to Waverly Hills with Night Shade paranormal and she never disappoints. The group was the largest i had ever investigated with and the experience was amazing. Tina Mattingly (The owner) was there and gave our newest investigators the grand tour laced full of history and personal experiences of her own.  I learned a lot on this night from my old friend Clair, and his lead investigators Lori and Brian Miller and Nines as we wandered this amazing building. I also enjoyed watching all of the fresh to the paranormal field newbies who went into this full on with curiosity and caution. The history alone is enough to scare most and the size of the building is intimidating to say the least. It was once a hopeful place where people went, or in many cases were sent with the prayers of a cure, but many succumbed to consumption or as we know it now Tuberculosis. The deaths numbered in the thousands. The investigation itself was something I'll not soon forget. The halls are long and lumbering and the shadows move at their own will. The voices can be heard throughout the building, A man with a deep voice speaking authoritatively, A woman laughing, Perhaps at him?  As we are walking in one direction, there's a scuffling behind us, We spin around to see what is approaching but it now comes from behind in the other direction. Can you explain these things away?  Perhaps.  What we saw next I cannot explain. We were on the 4th floor where the feeling was instantly heavy as we entered the corridor, the thickness in the air was felt and commented on by all as we made our way down. It was a small team, just three of us, The hour was somewhere between 2.00 and 3.00 am.  As we walked slowly down the hall a white hazy light appeared on the right side of the hallway high up on the wall, all three of us saw it instantly and we stopped dead in our tracks. We watched this basketball sized light get brighter for maybe 10-15 seconds and slowly fade out.  The best thing about this light was that all three of us saw it simultaneously, no one had to point it out and say, did you see that?   We stood there with our jaws to the floor and our hearts beating high up in out chests. We took a deep breath, waited for it to reappear but it was gone, as quickly as it had arrived it was gone.  We composed ourselves and took a short break soon after.  As I sat with Tina,  I started to tell her what we just saw and she says, Wait Sheila, let me finish your story and she began to describe exactly what we saw and told us how shes been hearing the stories about the white light quite often lately.  My mind was blown away.  Waverly Hills is as alive today in 2016 as she was when the doors opened in 1926. And i believe many of the residents are still the same.  
Comments on the ghost hunt by fellow investigators:
This was the fifth time Lori and I have investigated Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Each of the previous four visits the activity had been different and this visit was different than the others as well. Although we didn't get many clear EVPs this time we did hear disembodied voices on a few different occasions we just weren't able to capture them on our digital recorders. A group of us all heard a man's voice when we were playing music to try and stir up some activity. When Lori and I were in the body chute we had a green laser grid set up and we saw a white light going from side to side along the roof of the chute. We were about halfway down so there was not any outside light coming in.

Later on when we went back to the body chute we heard footsteps and shuffling around coming from the bottom of the body chute when I had asked for someone to come up to take a body down. I asked again a few minutes later and heard the same sounds. When I walked into room 502 I heard an exhale with my own ears and also captured it on my digital recorder. Lori felt like she got touched on the back of her head on the fourth floor. And also on the fourth floor I decided to stay behind while the other members of the group went up to the fifth floor.

As I stepped from the doorway into the hallway I heard a hiss from a couple feet away and also captured it on my recorder. All in all it was another satisfying visit to our favorite site.

While on the forth floor with audio and video going accompanied by Jeanne, Debbie and one other person, I witnessed one ball of light on the wall in room in front of me. I also saw many, many moving shadows for at least on half an hour.

I went down the Body Chute, Brian and Lori were in there. Brian was all the way down at the bottom of the steps.  I started back up so I wouldn't disturb them. It was light outside, but very dark in the tunnel. A third of the way back up I felt a little disoriented and felt  like I could  fall . I found the wall and backed  up against it.  Then climbed the rest of the way out. The bruises were under my left arm, on the inside between the elbow and arm pit. I don't know if they were from feeling I was going to fall or from not falling. The closest person to me was fifteen feet away.
Monday, May 23, 2016 I entered through the back gate of Waverly Hills Sanatorium at 8 p.m.  This was the first step of my inaugural paranormal investigative experience.  I was neither fearful nor apprehensive.  I spent some time exploring the outside of the facility.  It was a clear, cool evening.  The setting sun lit the façade beautifully, accentuating stunning architecture.

Our group assembled in the laundry building.  I had no equipment and had many generous offers to borrow cameras, recorders and meters, but I was not especially interested in the technology, really just along for the adventure (and figured I would be snoozing in a corner somewhere long before midnight).

Tina led those of us new to Waverly Hills on an excellent  tour of the facility, familiarizing us to the layout, explaining some of the history, and encouraging us to be open to our own experiences.

Around 10 p.m., Nines, Sarah, Debbie and I set off exploring on our own.  Nines was the only experienced investigator and graciously shared her expertise with us three newbies.  Her ideas and methods of were invaluable and made the experience remarkable.

Debbie had borrowed an EMF meter. I offered to hold the meter just to be nice as she had her hands full with a camera and a voice recorder, but found using the meter so fascinating that I just never handed it back.

We explored each floor of the Sanatorium.  The moonlit night and numerous massive windows meant we rarely had to use flashlights. Sitting quietly in the fourth floor hallway, we heard occasional taps in response to questions. Nines and I both saw shadowy movement in a room further down the hall.  We were essentially above the trees, it was a relatively still night, and this was the side of the hall away from the large balcony windows so there was really no “normal” reason for movement.  We made our way to two adjoining rooms.  The meter registered into the red zone as we entered the first room. I sat on the floor in the second room, below window level, facing the opposite wall (not the door or window) and yet felt a cool breeze blowing directly in my face.  I asked many questions, including a request for the meter to register in the red if it was okay for us to be visiting.  The meter immediately jumped to red.  Nines placed her flashlight on the floor in the center of the room, requested the energy that was with us turn the light off, then back on, then off again.  Powerful.

We had a few less spectacular encounters on other floors mostly with meter readings (yes, that technology I eschewed only a few hours earlier), and hearing voices at the end of a hallway.  Debbie also took some great photos, one of which appears to have a nurse standing with a child.

Jeanne and Debbie captured this anomaly at the end of the hallway to the right. If you look closely enough, you can see the shadow figure next to the doorway.
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