Good ol' Waverly Hills.  A popular show refers to ghost 'adventures'.  Well, WHS certainly is an adventure.  I can't explain why this location is different from others.  All I can say is that something different happens each and every time.  Just when I thought I'd experienced everything, WHS delivers a new adventure. 

WHS is not like the shows represent haunted locations as.WHS is subtle.  By that, I mean that things happen there that are glorious little miracles.  You witness them, are startled for a moment, your mind goes into investigative mode, but you never can explain what you just witnessed.  You'll torment yourself for days trying to figure out what happened.  In the end, you'll simply be amazed.  Good ol' Waverly Hills!
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Below is what I believe to be a great capture of an anomaly or unexplained apparition. Allow me to set up the photograph in order to explain fully what the circumstances were at the time the photograph was taken. The anomaly doesn't match the characteristic shadow figures that many have captured as this figure or figures appears to have limbs and details.

Our team arrived at WHS at approx. 8:00 PM ET. We unloaded our gear and set off on a daylight walkthrough of the location. It was approx. 8:30 PM ET when this photo was taken. We were starting to lose sunlight, but there was still plenty enough to take low light photos of the interior. We started on the main or 1st floor hallway along the area where the shock therapy room was located.

I like to remain behind of the team in order to take photographs to ensure there is no unintended contamination by the team. In fact, 99.99% of my photos are taken with the team as far from me as possible. I fully understand how the inadvertent inclusion of others in a photo could be misconstrued as an authentic capture. As I stood in the hallway, I felt as if someone was approaching me from behind. My instinct was to step sideways and rotate 90 degrees to allow them to pass. When I saw there was no one there, I turned and faced down the hallway and took this photo. After taking the photo, I resumed my walk down the hallway. There were no other team members in the immediate area taking their own photos and there were no videotaped recordings at the time.
Original photo taken with a Nikon Coolpix S9100
Same photo, but with brightness increased and in B&W to better show the form.
Same B&W photo, but cropped.
This is the very next photo I took after turning and facing back down the corridor. You can see that my team members had already walked on and are not visible in the frame.
I've posted the photo a couple of times on the NightShade Paranormal webpage and received varying comments and observations. It always seems to bring out the "experts" in photography who state that this was the result of a slow shudder speed taken in low light with one or more team members or subjects in frame. Some swear that either the photo was an inadvertent result of the above circumstances while others claim it was staged in order to facilitate a hoax.

Whatever was captured in the photo will remain a mystery to me and my team. While I'm no expert in either the photographic or paranormal realm, I believe that what I captured has no explanation.

All I know is that I was indeed alone in the hallway and the photo was taken after feeling something or someone approaching me from behind.

I stand by this photo.