This home is on 1,000 acres of woods, meadows, marshland and an orchard built in 1845 by Simon Powel. The home has seen death: 2-year-old Lizzy Powel was the youngest to die and Ruben Bailey, a caretaker, was poisoned with rat poison by a son-in-law. Checking into the history of the manor, I found that Simon's grown son had also died in the home. He had a leg injury received in the civil war.

Our experience here was an interesting one.  The activity overall was mild and residual.  However, a team member distinctly felt a cold blast of air past her face and shortly after felt a touch on her hair.

The sounds we picked up were a mix of footsteps, including a double set following a team member through a room on the 2nd floor.  Each step he took was followed by a duplicate set.  Footsteps were heard going down the main staircase. 

One perplexing thing we encountered was that even spread out, sounds, taps, and other noises seemed to come from other unoccupied parts of the house.  We would change rooms and go to what we thought was the source, only to hear other sounds back where we came from.

I distinctly heard a man speaking on the 1st floor, but it was very difficult to pick up.  We also heard echoing thuds or booms coming from the house and confirmed it wasn't coming from outside. 

Thornhaven is a peaceful place despite the deaths.  We believe the spirits have found peace, but may come out every so often to occupy themselves with visitors. 

Although we didn't see anything visible, I would certainly conclude that from what we all heard and experienced, Thornhaven Manor is haunted indeed. 

The video and music convey this sense of mysterious and lonely vibe of the house.

On May 24th, 2014, Thornhaven Manor posted the following on their Facebook page.:

"An emotional and eventful night. I am always so surprised to hear groups tell me that the things they have experienced here are greater than any place they have ever been. Tonight one investigator came out extremely shaken from not only seeing something enter the room but had a horrific experience of sadness projected onto her of their suicide by hanging in the basement. I have never seen someone so upset explaining what happened to them inside Thornhaven."

Again, it's interesting how so many can experience nothing, yet some experience so much.  It's also interesting how this appeared following a re-run of the Thornhaven Manor episode of Ghost Adventures.

Is this by choice?  Is the investigator wanting the experience so badly that they actually create it?  Many of these locations state  that drugs and alcohol are not permitted. yet there is nothing preventing any one of these people from going tripping their heads off, having an experience, and believing the house is haunted.  I'm not accusing this particular investigator of doing that, but how are we to determine which of these experiences are legitimate and which ones are forced?  What is to prevent anyone who owns a piece of "haunted" property to make spectacular claims in order to generate revenue?  I'm not saying that Thornhaven Manor is doing this, but posting a sensational story on FB is a great way to get more people to come and spend their money.  What is possibly in the house that would project a suicide on to a visitor?  To my knowledge, TH isn't that type of haunt.  Is it?

All of these locations can boast and make spectacular claims, but none of them have actually posted real documented evidence.  In this case above, there is no possible way to record a "feeling".  Without documentation, I'm afraid, they're all just good ghost stories and nothing more.
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