My team and I had some interesting experiences at Prospect Place.  While the house for the most part had a comforting and welcoming feeling, the basement and the 3rd floor ballroom didn't.  I wouldn't say it was necessarilly evil, but it was heavier and darker.  We encountered most of the night's activity from these two locations.  As the 2nd and 3rd floors of the barn were not accessable, we were left with some shadow activity, but little else.  My team spent a fair amount of time in the ballroom, and at one point I called to the spirits to "take my (our) energy" and use it to manifest themselves.  There was certainly plenty of unexplained shadow movement and a degree of strange tapping sounds. 

It was in the basement where a team member sitting next to me heard something tap on the cigarette box in her left pants pocket.  The tap sound was clear to us, but escaped the other two.  Shortly after, the same team member reported tugs on the back of their shirt.  The shadow activity in the basement was nothing I've ever experienced.  Shadows moving at the end of the hall, just a few feet away, as well as instances where the light at the end of the hall was blotted out altogether.  It was witnessed by the entire team. 

Within 7 hours into the investigation, we all suddenly began feeling drained.  It is almost as if the call to use our energy was granted.  It was a drain almost like paralysis, where it was difficult to move or walk anywhere, let alone move up and around the house.  We all felt completely drained.  If I had to make a decision as to whether or not to establish this location as haunted, I would have to admit it was.  One night of hunting will never be conclusive, but from what I experienced, as well as the team, we did encounter things that defied natural explanation.  This will be marked as another location for additional follow up.
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