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Old South Pittsburgh Hospital. . . .

One of those classic haunted locations.  Closed in 1999-2000, it seems as though everyone just picked up and left.  There are many items that remain such as patient beds, equipment, X-Ray films, bottles of various types, and floorplans and records.  The building itself looks relatively modern; not one of these turn of the century, gothic stone behemoths.  The inside, however, is deceptively large, with hallway after hallway, it's easy to become disoriented and lost.  There were lots of side rooms, stairways and corridors to be explored. 

While up on the top floor near a stairwell, a teammate and I were requesting communication with whatever spirits would speak to us.  We even knocked on the wall and got a thud as a response.  Not the typical tap or knock, but a thud.  Loud and echoing though the hallway.  Pretty exciting.  We also heard a woman's voice whisper something near us, but it was unintelligible and didn't pick up on audio. 

We spent 2 days at OSPH because we wanted to give it a fighting chance.  We're all still reviewing evidence, but from what I experienced there, I'd say the place is haunted.  Each location has its own unique manifestations.  OSPH had patients and nurses.  Some were quiet and resistant to our calls, while others seemed to be curious and sought to be heard. 
I was reluctant to "leave our mark" at this location, but got approval by the staff. 

The eyes are the window to the soul, therefore I chose an eye to represent our team.