I have had an interest and curiosity of apparitions, ghosts, phantoms, spooks, whatever you want to call them since I was a young boy.  I used to create haunted houses in my family's garage and invite neighbor kids over to explore and get scared.  Halloween was always my favorite holiday because it was the time of year to focus on all things ghostly and goulish. 

With the advent of paranormal investigators and even more important, what appeared to be solid evidence supporting my hobby, my interests were picqued and I began venturing out of my comfort zone in order to pursue the experience myself.  With that came the drive to document what I had seen and experienced.  I consider myself somewhat ambivalent when it comes to the paranormal because I'm half believer and half skeptic.  One side wants to believe and the other demands for empirical evidence.  I've heard many, many sensational stories from people about things that have happened to them, but to me, without documentation, they are merely just good stories. 

I formed  our paranormal team because I wanted to share my experiences with others.  I also wanted to see if I could turn the skeptics in others to believers.  I think I've been successful at that endeavor because every skeptic I've brought along on my investigations has personally encountered something they couldn't explain.  I've spent the last several years roaming, exploring, and investigating some great locations and I'm thrilled to have had the honor of having unfettered access.  These locations are rich in history, architecture and most importantly, in human experience, past and present.  Gruesome murders, suicides, violence in many forms, isolation, illness, depravity, sorrow fills the corridors, rooms, attics and cellars.  The energy from so many lives has been absorbed into the very structures that surrounded them, and echo back for all eternity in the forms of tapping, knocking, footsteps, and murmuring voices.  Who still resides in these vacant and forgotten realms is a question that may never be fully answered or understood.

I will never tell anyone I saw or heard a ghost.  What I will tell them is that I experienced, encountered something I have no rational or logical explanation for.  The skeptic in me will always keep me grounded in the truth and the sense of adventure I find in exploring these places will forever fuel my desire for the experience.  With that said, NiPa isn't all about proving to others that ghosts exist.  It's not about glamorizing or sensationalizing an orb or shadow.  It's about the personal experience.

I hope you enjoy all the site has to offer.  I hope it brings you to ask yourself, "Do you believe what you see?"  The focus of this site is to provide a tour through these remarkable locations. 

It's what I refer to as "The thrill of the chill".
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Wiki - "Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, a ghost hunting team will attempt to collect evidence that they see as supportive of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters often utilize a variety of electronic equipment, such as the following types: the EMF meter; digital thermometer; handheld and static digital video cameras, such as thermographic (or infrared) and night vision; digital audio recorder; and computer." "Traditional techniques such as conducting interviews and researching the history of a site are also employed. Some ghost hunters refer to themselves as a paranormal investigator.  Ghost hunting has been criticized for its absence of scientific method; no scientific body has been able to confirm the existence of ghosts. Ghost hunting is officially classified as a pseudoscience."

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