What can one say about the Grand Midway Hotel?

It's worlds apart from your average haunt.  A blend of magic, wonder, darkness, the macabre, whimsy, art, discovery, history, malevolence, and exploration.

It started as a bid to sleep in the infamous Canopy Room for the night, but ended up in a 11 hour voyage through the dark and colorful corridors and rooms.  There were plenty of stories of strange visions, dreams and ghostly figures haunting this historic location.  One night is certainly not enough time to fully explore.  Every corner held intrigue and mystery, and there was an ever present feeling that I was being watched during every move. 

As always, time is needed to go through the recordings and EVP sessions during the nights investigation.  I hope to have something prepared very soon.

It is my belief that the living and the dead haunt the Grand Midway Hotel.  Each have their story to tell.

I wish to return some day and continue where I left off.
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Lens blur or anomaly?