Haunting at Farrar.  I wish it had been a better night for ghost hunting.  There are 2 things I don't want to convey in this summary:  that Farrar isn't, in fact, haunted, and or that owners Jim and Nancy Oliver  are running a less than reputable establishment.  All I can state is that we had a very quiet night.  Sure, we heard taps and bumps, but they were often accompanied by the wind rushing against the windows (it was a windy night).  Sure, we saw shadows.  Lots of them.  But they could also very easily be attributed to the wind and the trees so close to the windows.  There were no slamming doors, no voices, nothing on any of my equipment or camera shots. 

We certainly gave the place a chance, and I'm certainly not giving up.  I'd like to give it another try.  The boiler room was the only place that had 'that feeling', but it was also dead quiet and nothing stirred, not even a mouse.  I'm posting the photos, etc. from the night there, but it was a short night.  Me and my team simply gave up after hours of perfect stillness and non-activity.  I'll go there again perhaps, by myself, and see if something doesn't reach out.  The place was dead, and that's not just my opinion.

[This is purely my view and not of the team]  The problem that I tend to encounter is that many of these "haunted" location owners and managers like to report spectacular stories of attacks, objects flying across the room, and lots of other frightening tales meant to provoke a response from the reader.  The response is usually, "Hey, we should go there because we'll experience the same stuff."  They pay their money and in their excitement, don't realize that no location can ensure an experience is had, but through sensationalistic reports, imply that.  My objective was to see if these events were possible.  To see what kind of a location exhibits this type of manifestation.  Perhaps one night isn't enough to confirm or deny the existence of a haunting at a particular location.  Perhaps two or three, or even a week. 

The attraction to Farrar was one of a skeptic.  The stories were simply too dramatic.  There were no real accounts of death, murder, suicide or any other horrific event that would prompt the kind of haunting Farrar was experiencing.  After all, it was simply an abandoned schoolhouse. 

Farrar went a step further though.  A local group of paranormal investigators were posting "evidence" which could have been explained off or debunked easily.  They created a video for their group, which looked more like a sorry attempt to show themselves as "a team which takes on only the most extreme cases".  Extreme?!  At Farrar?!  Not likely.  The video was cheaply produced and looked homemade.  The investigators walked in a line toward the camera with their ghost-ass kicking expressions on, set to the beat of Goth rock.  It was a marketing campaign, for God knows what, and made them look pretty lame.  When I challenged the evidence they had posted on YouTube, they became defensive and outright hostile.  I ended up blocking them on Facebook and Youtube because of their threats. 

Meanwhile, the owner/managers of Farrar are putting together "classes" on ghost hunting, supported by local paranormal teams.  Paranormal investigation is not a science.  There are no tried and tested approaches, no proven methods.  Who deems a paranormal team rights to charge money to pass along their methods and approaches?

Who are these paranormal groups?  How are they accredited?  What credentials do they have that make them authorities to teach at a "summer school"?  These people are no different than the 100's perhaps 1000's of "paranormal investigators" making claims that they are "experts".  They are merely enthusiasts who have purchased enough equipment to make them appear to be authentic.  They wear these expressions on their faces [with the camera angled up at them - to lend the impression that they are at the "top" of their game] as well as silly X-Ray T-shirts [oooh, I'm scared] which is probably their team logo.  What makes these people authorities on the paranormal and supernatural?  It's amazing how so many people make sensational claims and boast having all sorts of evidence, then resort to this side-show approach to gain revenue for the location and the owners.  I sound like a skeptic because I am.  Paranormal groups like this cheapen the experience and cause harm to paranormal investigation overall. 
I admire the people who own and manage these properties, but resent anyone who manufactures wild boasts and false authentication in order to generate revenue.  You are damaging the real investigators and people who do actual investigation in order to help others in need.  Am I saying the owners here are?  Perhaps they've crossed the line a few times by supporting exaggerated claims made by unprofessional's. 

I'm not confirming that Farrar is such a place, but their official logo, "Haunting at Farrar" implies that it is haunted.  My experience there was such that it will take more than a single night for me to make that claim.  Am I refuting experiences others have had there?  Only if they go undocumented, unchallenged, unvetted. 

Here's a link to the "history of haunting" at Farrar.  The stories are good, but they're just stories.  There is no real documented proof.  My argument again is that nothing happened in the school that would support it being haunted.  Voices, sounds of children playing.  I'm not really sure where these sounds would come from as hauntings are usually associated with a catastrophic event or death.  There is no documented event of this kind anywhere in the school. 

My question remains.  Why would an abandoned schoolhouse be haunted if there were no deaths or horrific events?  What is the explanation that supports the haunting at Farrar?  What is the substantiation for such dramatic events so many people have claimed?  For the life of me, I haven't been able to identify a single death associated with this location.  Yet, it's haunted.  And not just haunted.  It's really, really active.  Maybe I'm wrong about Farrar.  If I am, then I apologize to everyone and need to return there and give it another go.  If I'm right, the whole thing is a charade. 

If this sounds a little rough, it's because I don't like liars and frauds. 

I decided to present the pics, etc. in video form.  Enjoy.
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