The "crooked" staircase. The building settled over the years causing this staircase to lean to the right. . . .
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EVIDENCE: The 1st IR photo shows a "mist anomaly" along the wall from the ceiling. It almost appears to be forming into "legs" on the staircase. Note how this anomaly is not present in the photos taken within the next 10 seconds. . . .
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The Benson-Hammond home has acquired a haunted reputation having been investigated by a number local area paranormal groups over recent years.

The property at one time contained multiple graves that were relocated for the building of Friendship Airport.

A historical society librarian who was working in the home overnight reported that she was awakened by a music box that was playing.

The upper floor is considered to be very active. One active room was earlier remodeled as a child’s bedroom; it’s original purpose is unknown.

In past investigations, there have been consistent audio references to “George” (possibly the late George Milton Benson?).

Prior investigations have also obtained regular and sentence-length references in audio to “Benson”, “Mary”, “Tommy”, and “Tom.”

The ghost expedition will attempt to clarify potential presences there.