Our team had many expectations heading into our investigation of Bobby Mackey's.  The place has received quite a lot of attention in the media and paranormal circles.  That may have done more harm than good the night we were there.  Reports of scratches, footsteps and voices certainly grab attention.  Bobby's was relatively quiet the night we were there.  We did capture some interesting anomalies on our cameras as well as experiencing some strange energy in a couple locations.  We recorded tapping in the room featured in this photo, but nothing to write home about.  The night after we visited, there were all sorts of reports of investigators being scratched, grabbed and shoved.  While I'm not refuting these occurrences, it seemed odd that while our entire team experienced nothing even close one night, the very next night another paranormal team was bombarded.  Bobby's is certainly an interesting location and it would be worth visiting again.  The ol' portal to hell, as Zach Bagans refers to it, was just a dead hole in the ground that night.  No attacks.  No drama. 

It was interesting to read how the very next night, a paranormal group had been attacked, pushed, shoved, and scratched.  I wonder if some people aren't so desperate have the experience that their minds create it for them.  I'm not discrediting any claims that people have.  I wasn't there, so I can't refute.  It's just interesting that after a night of silence and near boredom, how the very next night could be so dramatic.

We'll have to revisit Bobby's some time.  For now, it's reputation speaks louder than the actual evidence.
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